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Status Update

Backers, Printers, Friends,

Here is a teaser of last week’s progress after our visit to the Pico manufacturer. We are limited to showing only setups and finished steps as our machinist won't even show us (B3) their full trade secret process. The first photo shows the 303 stainless steel blanks all cut to length and ready for drilling and turning. The second photo shows the blanks setup in the chucks for drilling the through and blind bores. As we take quality seriously, the third photo shows cut in half blanks after drilling. This is done on a set schedule so the quality team can inspect the bores for proper surface finish. We still expect to fulfill and ship all the 300°C Picos by the end of March.

303 Steel Blanks
303 Steel Blanks
Drilling Process
Drilling Process

**For those who are interested in a Bowden setup** 
We now have sourced fittings and tight tolerance, custom manufactured Teflon tubes engineered specifically for Bowden 3D printing. To make things simple, we put together standards to match the threads and tube sizes with the corresponding Pico filament size. What that means is, if you ordered a 1.75mm Pico, your Bowden groovemount will be threaded with M5 threads to fit Bowden tube fittings with M5 threads. If you ordered a 3mm Pico, your Bowden groovemount will be threaded with ⅛ NPT threads. You can purchase the complete kits or source together your own Bowden setup of tubes and fittings on our website.

Go to our webstore, pick out the fittings, tubes or a complete Bowden Kit and proceed to checkout. There’s no need to pay for shipping, we can add it to your existing order, just be sure and type your previous B3 Order Number (the one e-mailed to you) in the “Kickstarter Name/Order Notes” field. Then choose “Kickstarter Backer/Previous Order” as the shipping option.

Additional Bowden groovemount thread sizes are being offered on top of our standard thread sizes. Available on the Bowden Groovemounts are M4, M5 (Standard), M6 and ⅛ NPT (Standard) threads as well as custom thread sizes per your request. You do not need to make any changes to your Bowden Groovemount if you are happy with the standard thread sizes. If you wish to change your thread size, please let us know by Feb 23rd, 2014

Thank you,

Print On, Printers! Mike & Will


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