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Status Update

Backers, Printers, Friends,

As we receive the last of Pico’s supplemental components, we still eagerly await the machined 303 stainless steel Pico bodies and brass nozzles. Our second visit this week to our manufacturer revealed a possible delay extending the date of shipment. We met with the manager in charge of scheduling and were told that the step 2 machining process is taking a bit longer than expected. During a quality inspection, the finding of a reamer issue was caught, which caused a sub par surface finish to the inner bores of Pico. The problem was solved and after a backtrack of parts and a new schedule, we are expecting to begin shipping late March and have all the 300°C Picos shipped by mid April as opposed to the end of March. The 500°C Picos are still on schedule.

Our communication and visits with our manufacturer still remain constant as we keep pushing (bugging) for a speedy completion. Machining step 3 of 4 is expected to begin this Monday.

Also during our visit, we had a chance to record actual video of machining step 2. 


Pictured are the last of the supplemental components to Pico: the tight tolerance USA heaters, fans and Lexan™ PC filament in 6 different colors.


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