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Status Update

Printers, Backers, Friends,

50% of the 1.75mm Pico stainless steel bodies have begun their final step — step 4 of the machining process. 3mm Picos are to follow soon. In this final step, the thermistor holes & wrench flats are being machined on the Pico body. As they are coming off the line, they are being staged for primary final inspection! 

Once inspection is complete, the Pico bodies will be dropped off at B3 in batch quantities. As we receive the batches (1.75mm Picos first and 3mm to follow), they will move down B3’s assembly line where the nozzles, heaters and thermistors are waiting to be placed onto Pico. We will ship the very first Picos to the early backers and then continue in order of your backer numbers (ascending order).

In the mean time, we’ve put together a very important user guide that will ensure the proper installation and operation of Pico. The mounting process is a delicate procedure and is outlined very carefully in the user guide. We strongly urge you to read this before and during the installation of your Pico.

Some backers had questions on our Bowden setup. Below are some pictures to help illustrate the entire setup.


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