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Huge Thank You From B3!!!

Backers, Printers, Family and Friends, 
Pico on Kickstarter has been successfully Funded!!! 

We are overwhelmed with extreme gratitude and joy from Pico’s outstanding Kickstarter launch! This has been one of the most gratifying experiences and we owe it all to you. Each one of your pledges made this project a success not just for us at B3, but for you and your printing experience. Pico is changing the face of RepRap 3D printing and you will all be known as the pioneers that made it happen. 

What’s Next? 
We will be hard at work following through with our schedule. We already got started with ordering tooling and components for setting up the assembly space. With the majority of the order forms in, we are sending the purchase orders to our manufacturer for your Picos to be machined. In the following weeks, other purchase orders such as the plastic filament, packages, t-shirts and flash drives will be submitted. 

What to Expect?
We will continue to give this project our all. We want to keep you guys in the loop with the fun and excitement of our progress! Right now, our priority is production. Expect to hear updates from us reaching major milestones in production as we get you closer and closer to printing with Pico. 

Order Forms 
Please please please, if you have not submitted your order form yet, do so promptly. (You must do this in order for us to obtain your order specifics and address!) The instructions have changed slightly to help you through the process. Click on the link for clear instructions: http://www.b3innovations.com/kickstarter-backers

Thank you very much from B3! 

Print On, Printers,
Will & Mike


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